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              Powder Coating

Powder Coating is a durable, attractive, long lasting finish 

that when applied correctly can give years of protection to

metal components. 


The Powder is applied electrostatically

to a suitably prepared metal surface.

The electrostatic process ensures an even film thickness

all over the component even on very complex shapes,

which cannot be achieved with wet paint.

Coatings which can be applied are: Polyester, Epoxy

Polyester, Nylon Coating (Warm Touch) and Zinc Rich Primer.


The Zinc Rich Primer can be applied prior to coating to give a

greater corrosion protection.


All our coatings are available in a range of colours including RAL,

BS and Pantone shades.


We also offer a range of finishes including:

  • Smooth

  • Texture

  • Metallic

  • Pearlescent


All our Coatings are available in Full Gloss, Semi Gloss, Satin or Matt Finish

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